What are the Bounty Programs?

Bounties in the digital word take their origin from online gaming platforms that offered rewards for participating in their game development. Bounties are essentially incentivized reward mechanisms offered by companies to individuals. What this means is that a company introducing a product or a service offers some rewards to people in exchange for performing certain tasks. It is akin to a barter trade of sorts; the company gives rewards to a person and the person in return does some simple tasks for the company. It is a veritable means of advertising for many companies.


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Have you added a signature?


Members - 0.0001 BTC per week
Full Members - 0.0005 BTC per week
Sr. Members - 0.0010 BTC per week
Hero Member - 0.0020 BTC per week
Legendary Members - 0.0020 BTC per week

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Have you added a Facebook post?


Reward - 0.0002 BTC per week
No more than 1 post per week

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Have you added a Telegram post?


Post on channel:
100 - 500 views - 0.0002 BTC
500 - 1000 views - 0.0003 BTC
1000 views and above - 0.0004 BTC

Repost in the group:
200 - 1000 members - 0.0001 BTC
1000 members and more - 0.0002 BTC

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Few steps to reach reward

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  • 01. Registration

    Create and activate account.
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  • 03. Bounties

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  • 04. Follow instructions of the bounties

    Perform bounty tasks strictly according to the instructions.

  • 05. Report of the implementation

    After completing the task, click "Yes" and fill out the form.
    Please, wait for our managers to check your request.

  • 06. Receiving Reward

    After checking of the assignment the reward
    will be credited to your account in "Investment Area".

Bounty Support

Bounties are aimed at improving the product or service

Youtube bounties

Record a video review

Subscribers: > 100
Video Views: > 70
Video review should be as detailed as possible. It is necessary to talk about Exchange cryptocurrency, Investment area and Bounty program.
Articles bounties

Write an article on your website

Requirements for article:

Visitors per 24 hours: > 1000

The article should contain a detailed description of the exchange cryptocurrency and investment GoEx program. The text must contain at least 2000 characters. The article should have an unique text.

Before you start to perform "Youtube bounties" and "Articles bounties",
please, contact us via Email or Telegram.